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Testing you home for radon in water content is another way to protect your family

As natural occurring uranium in the soil goes through its process of radioactive decay, radon is created. This radon easily dissolves and accumulates in ground water and aquifers. This is the source of your well water. If you have high levels of radon in the soil, you have the potential of high radon levels in the potable (drinkable) water of your home.

However, radon in water is not just about the water that you drink. It's the use of water in your home that can release radon into the air. Showering/bathing, toilets, hand washing, cooking, and dishwashing all need water. This water will release radon gas into the air of your home.

I have have found that Real Estate blog author Bill Gasset gives one of the best explanations of radon in water and the reason why you should test. I have Bill's permission to include this link to his blog. Although Bill lives in Massachusetts, the radon issues are the same here in the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos. You owe it to your family to read the following:

Removing Radon from Well Water

Radon testing for the water in your home is strongly recommended. If you have a private well:
The EPA recommends testing your well water for radon. See the EPA web site:

Basic Information about Radon in Drinking Water

If you are buying a home or if you are a homeowner who wants to protect your family from radon by testing the air for radon, adding a radon in water test is very inexpensive.

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